Our Charities

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is ‘Making Education Possible’ by helping thousands of children go to school. What began with one man’s quest to find healing and meaning has grown into a movement involving individuals, families and organizations across North America, Europe, and Central America. Dubbed the ‘little organization that could’, SchoolBOX is a wonderful testimony to what can be achieved through love, perseverance and community.

Since 2007, Hera Mission volunteers have been working with an inspiring group of women in Western Kenya who have committed their lives to fighting the devastating impact of HIV, AIDs, Malaria,TB and poverty that has wiped out an entire generation leaving hundreds of orphans and widows. Donations support orphans so they can attend school. As well, Hera Mission, is helping the widows make a very real difference in the village and bringing hope and resilience back to Asembo Bay.

Project North is a not-for-profit organization committed to enhancing and improving the lives of children in Canada’s North.  Project North’s community-based and national funding initiatives  generate opportunities to provide education and fitness programs that benefit the Inuit youth of today and of the future. Project North’s goal is to galvanize Canadians from coast to coast to coast to look North, become more aware, and lend a hand to support children